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Read more on what the Let's Play Projects have found out about young children with disabilities and play.


Let's Play! Project - Model Demonstration (1995- 2000)

The Let's Play Project was a model demonstration project funded by the US Department of Education, Early Education Programs for Children with Disabilities, #H024B50051. This project began in 1995 at the University of Buffalo to establish a play and assistive technology lending library lending for children and families involved in early intervention. As a result of this project six Play and AT lending libraries within the Western New York community were equipped with inventory and trained staff. In 1999 we began to replicate the model across New York State by establishing two replication sites. Assistive technology services provided through this project have provided families with children with disabilities with increased access to a variety of assistive devices and play materials as well as strategies to put play back into the forefront of their lives. For more information on this project review the complete abstract.

Let's Play! Project - Research (2001-2003)
The Effectiveness of Assistive Technology in Promoting Playfulness in Young Children.

This research grant was awarded through the Steppingstones of Technology Innovation Program, #H327A010044. This research project will determine the effectiveness of the Let's Play! AT/Play approach (developed through the Let's Play! Model Demonstration Project) in establishing physical (assessable toys and supporting materials) and human (strategies for communication and interaction developed jointly between caregivers and project staff) environments that promote play and playfulness in children with disabilities; and determine the feasibility of using the Let's Play! AT/Play approach within EI settings. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed to address these issues. For more information on this project review the complete abstract.

Let's Play! Projects - Phase I (2004-2006)
Project UDP: Developing a Tool to Measure Universal Design for Play

This research grant was awarded through the Steppingstones of Technology Innovation Program,#H327A030059. This project will develop and validate a tool to identify and evaluate the usability of toys for all children (birth to three), including those with disabilities, by identifying universal design components. The Universal Design for Play tool will allow parents of children with disabilities, individuals who purchase toys (childcare providers, hospital workers, commercial buyers) and toy designers to successfully identify toys with universal design characteristics. For more information on this project review the complete abstract (pdf).

Let's Play! with Fisher Price - Special Needs Website

All children need opportunities to discover and actively explore the world around them. However, for many young children with special needs, play is often limited. Their parents tell us they'd love some help choosing appealing toys that their children can successfully play with. This new Special Needs section of the Fisher Price website was created to offer that help, with recommendations from staff from the Let's Play! Project to provide supports for family play experiences.

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