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Lets Play Project, University at Buffalo, Center for Assistive Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University
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Play is how kids grow; it's what they do! All children need opportunities to discover and actively explore the world around them.

However, for many young children with disabilities, play is often limited. The Let's Play! Projects look to provide families with ways to play through the use of assistive technology.

These projects provide ideas and strategies to promote play through better access to play materials, and use assistive technology to give the children this critical access. Typical solutions revolve around "low tech" assistive technology. By building on what the child can do, and by creating interactive play environments, families can reclaim play as a critical component of childhood!

Look here for information on selecting toys for play, toys for children with disabilities, adapting toys to make them easier to use, locating specially designed toys as well as other resources to promote play.

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Funding is provided by the US Department of Education, Early Education Programs for Children with Disabilities; #H024B50051 and Steppingstones of Technology Innovation for Student Disabilities; #H327A010044.

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