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Assistive Technology Training Online Project

University at Buffalo
Center for Assistive Technology
515 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, New York 14214

Stephen M. Bauer, PhD

Creating online instruction is an exciting challenge for today's educators. Our efforts are based on the assumption that a web site, which is accessible any time, from any place, can reach a wider number of interested participants than the traditional workshop format. As we develop this site, we are taking pains to ensure that the quality of information and how it is presented addresses the interactive learning styles of these users. This section provides information on the Assistive Technology Training Online Project's staff, funding source and foundational strategies for successful funding.

Information about our grant including funding sources, abstract, and proposal.

User Tips
Information on how to navigate and use ATTO site including a site map, accessible design features, and plugins.

Listing of current staff, "expert" review panelists and former staff.






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