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The AT Basic Modules provide general assistive technology information on a variety of related uses for elementary students with disabilities. They include links to tutorials on the setup and use of several products as well as links to related resources.
Information basic to the use of AT including: benefits, laws, assessment considerations and school policies.
Introduction to Assistive Technology
Federal Laws and AT Use
Assessing AT Student Need
AT School District Start Up


Commercial and specialized software programs to support writing, reading and math.
Using the Computer for Reading
Using the Computer for Writing
Using the Computer for Math
Adapting Computers
Low and high-tech adapted computer technology solutions for today's classrooms.
Simple Modifications
Keyboard Options
Mouse Options
Specialized Input Systems
Switch and Scanning Systems


Technology for Special Populations
Technology options designed to meet the needs of disability specific groups of students.
AT for Blind Students
Communication Needs
Low-tech Tools
Students with Learning Disabilities
Students with Low Vision
Switch Users
Universal Design

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