Kenton M. Stewart



Ph.D 1965 University of Wisconsin Madison
Postdoctoral work 1965 University of Wisconsin Madison
Assistant Professor 1966;
Associate Professor 1971;
Professor 1991 University at Buffalo

Address Information

Kenton M. Stewart
Department of Biological Sciences
119 Hochstetter Hall
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260

(716) 645-2363 ext: 216

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Research in limnology has involved lab and field investigation of lakes in the USA, Europe, the Canadian High Arctic, and in Lake Erie. Specific projects have focused on carbon cycling in dimictic and meromictic lakes, hypersalinity in Arctic fjord lakes, physical lake models, and influence of climate on ice-in-out dates of lakes, and zooplankton community structure. An ongoing study involves detailed physical, chemical, and biological investigations of four minor Finger Lakes of New York State to help distinguish between pertubations by man and nature. The recent illegal introduction of the obligate planktivore alewife Alosa pseudoharangus appears to have caused a major change in size and composition of zooplankton in one of the Finger Lakes. The rapid spread of zebra mussels will likely alter the benthic-pelagic coupling as well. Another study is examining deformities in chironomid (Diptera) larvae from lake and river sediments with varying amounts of contamination.


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  • Stewart, K.M. (1993)
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  • Diggins, T.P., and K.M. Stewart (1993)
    Deformities of aquatic larval midges (Chironomidae:Diptera) in the sediments of the Buffalo River, New York
    J. Great Lakes Res. 19:648-669

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