Department of Biological Sciences

Technical Support Facilities

Microscopic Imaging Facility

The MIF is a comprehensive microscopy and computer imaging facility available to the Department of Biological Sciences and the scientific community. It was established with support of the Department of Biological Sciences, the Vice President for Research, and the School of Pharmacy. The Imaging Facility provides users with sophisticated image acquisition and analysis. Any light microscopic application can benefit from the high quality images that can be acquired with our cooled CCD camera and motorized, computer controlled microscope. Series of images can be assembled to produce a three dimensional reconstruction, stereo pairs, extended focus, or anaglyph images. (use red-green glasses to view images a,b below). Sample quantification in numerous modalities is possible. This capability is useful in a wide range of studies from the biological sciences(quantifying and measuring cells or cellular components) to the material sciences (particle analysis).

If you would like to view facility fees or make on line reservations for the Leica inverted microscope please see this page of guidlines.
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For information contact:
Alan Siegel
Cooke Hall, 647
(716)645-2363 ext. 172



Transmission Electron Microscopy

The Department of Biological Sciences maintains a Transmission Electron
Microscope Laboratory within the Microscopic Imaging Facility. Among
the TEM services provided are embedding, sectioning, and immunolocalization
performed on biological specimens.
Access to scanning electron microscopy can be easily arranged.
Electron Microscope Specialist:
Mr. Alan Siegel
647 Cooke Hall
645-2363 ext: 172

Machine Shop


The Department, through the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, has access to the
Faculty Machine Shop located in Fronczak Hall, adjacent to the Cooke-Hochstetter Hall complex.
The Machine Shop is well equipped and is generally capable of all fabrications done in wood, metal,
plastics, or combinations thereof. They also do welding and repair work of a mechanical nature.

FNSM Machine Shop:
161 Fronczak Hall

645-3904 (phone)
645-3458 (fax)


A full-time photographer/illustrator, with studio in the Department, supports the needs of faculty, staff, and students for top-quality presentation graphics, posters, projection transparencies, computer generated graphics and other illustrative materials appropriate for the dissemination of department research.

Mr. James Stamos
224 Hochstetter Hall
645-2363 ext: 132

Other Support Facilities

Other support facilities are conveniently located near the Department. They include:

Chemistry Instrument Shop:
122 Natural Sciences Building
645-6800 ext. 2055 (phone)
Health Sciences Instrument Shop:
50 Farber Hall
829-3936 (phone)