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General Contents

Color Images:

England Italy - Rome Italy - Sicily
France Italy - Rome - Pantheon Successors of Rome
Greece Italy - Except Rome and Sicily Special Selections of Images

Black and White Images

Ara Pacis Forum of Augustus Piazza di Spagna
Architectural Fragments Forum Boarium Piazzas of Rome
Arch of Constantine Forum of Julius Caesar Rome - miscellaneous
Arch of Septimius Severus Forum Romanum St. Peter's
Arch of Titus Forum Romanum from Farnese Gardens S. Maria di Trastevere
Augustan Sundial Fountains of Rome Street scenes
Basilica Aemilia Ghetto Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina
Basilica of Constantine Market of Trajan Temple of Castor and Pollux
Capitoline National Museum Temple of Venus and Rome
Capitoline Museum Palatine Temple of Vesta
Churches of Rome Pantheon Tiber and its Bridges
Colosseum Piazza Campo dei Fiori Tivoli - Villa of Hadrian
Column of Marcus Aurelius Piazza Navona Tomb of Augustus
Column of Trajan Piazza del Popolo Tomb of Hadrian
Curia Piazza Quirinale
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Color Images


Bath Hadrian's Wall - Housteads Hadrian's Wall - Steel Rigg
Hadrian's Wall - Cawfields Hadrian's Wall - Newcastle Hadrian's Wall - Walltown
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Arles Glanum Orange Vaison-la-Romaine
Fréjus Nîmes Pont du Gard Vienne
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Greece and sites outside of Greece with Greek architecture

Athens Delphi Agrigento Selinunte
Athens: Acropolis at Sunset Mycenae Paestum Syracuse
Corinth Olympia Segesta
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Rome by Night - a special section Column of Phocas Palatine Huts Street scenes and shops
Modern Reconstructions of ancient Rome Curia (see also Basilica Aemilia) Pantheon (see Italy - Rome - Pantheon below) Tabularium
Ara Pacis Domus Aurea (Golden House of Nero) Piazza Barberini Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
Arch of Constantine Domus. Insula. Palazzo Piazza Campo dei Fiori Temple of Castor and Pollux (see also Vestals' House )
Arch of Dolabella Forma Urbis Piazza Colonna (with Column of Marcus Aurelius) Temple of Fortuna Virilis (or Portunus)
Arch of Janus Forum Boarium Piazza dell' Esedra (Repubblica) Temple of Romulus
Arch of Septimius Severus (see also Curia and Tabularium) Forum of Augustus Piazza Farnese Temple of Saturn (see also Tabularium )
Arch of the Argentarii Forum of Julius Caesar Piazza Minerva Temple of Venus and Rome and also Vestals' House section)
Arch of Titus Forum of Nerva Piazza Navona (Stadium of Domitian) Temple of Vespasian
Auditorium of Maecenas Forum Romanum - General Piazza del Popolo Temple of Vesta in the Forum Romanum
Basilica Aemilia Forum Romanum - West Piazza Quirinale Temple of Vesta (or Hercules Victor)
Basilica Julia (see also Temple of Castor and Pollux) Forum Romanum - Central Piazza Rotonda Theater of Marcellus
Basilica of Constantine (see also Temple of Romulus and Vestals' House) Forum Romanum - East Piazza di Spagna Theater of Pompey
Baths of Caracalla Forum Romanum by night Piazza Venezia Tiber and its Bridges
Baths of Diocletian Fountains of Rome Piazzas of Rome Tomb of Augustus
Capitoline Gates of Rome Portico of Octavia Tomb of Caecilia Metella
Churches of Rome Hadrianeum Pyramid of Cestius Tomb of Hadrian
Circus Maximus Insula at base of Capitoline St. Peter's Basilica Topography of Rome (images from an abandoned project)
Cloaca Maxima Largo Argentina. Republican Temples Santa Maria in Trastevere Trajan's Market
Colosseum Mamertine Prison San Paolo fuori le Mura Vestals' House
Column and Forum of Trajan Monte Testaccio Stadium of Domitian (see Piazza Navona) Via Appia Antica
Column of Marcus Aurelius Palatine Hill Sculpture and Heavy Machinery
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Pantheon (See also Piazza Rotonda, above)

Pantheon 1. Introduction Pantheon 4. The Piazza Pantheon 7. Facade. Details Pantheon 10. Changing Light
Pantheon 2. From above grade Pantheon 5. Facade Pantheon 8. Clockwise from NE
Pantheon 3. The Fountain Pantheon 6. Facade. 3/4 Views Pantheon 9. Interior
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Italy - Except Rome and Sicily

Ardea Cosa Milan Pompeii
Avernus Cremona Mincius River Pozzuoli
Baiae Cumae Minturnae Praeneste
Beneventum Faenza Misenum Ravenna
Bergamo Falerii Novi Monte Circeo Rimini
Bologna Ferrara Naples Solfatara (Phlegraean Fields)
Brescia Fiesole Ostia Sperlonga
Capua Formiae Padua Terracina
Clitumnus Gaeta Paestum Vesuvius
Como Herculaneum Parma
Corfinium Mantova Pavia
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Agrigento Palermo Selinunte
Etna Piazza_Armerina Syracuse
Monreale Segesta Syracuse - Arethusa
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Successors of Rome

New York

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Special Selections of Images

Some Rome Photos by Margaret M. Curran Some Virgilian Sites [Vergil] A Personal Note: Our 1999 Visit to Rome

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