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What does the name "Maecenas" mean?

Maecenas was the name of a wealthy ancient Roman and powerful politician, although he never held public office and preferred to work behind the scenes. He was able to do so because he was an intimate friend of the emperor Augustus.

Like other rich Romans, Maecenas had a palatial estate in which he displayed his large art collection, i.e., copies of statues by the great Greek sculptors. His estate is known as the Gardens of Maecenas and the image on my homepage shows a female figure found on the grounds of the Gardens.

I have taken Maecenas and his art collection as a model for my collection of photographs of things Greek and Roman and given his name to my website.

Future additions

I expect to make infrequent additions of large numbers of images rather than frequent additions of a few at a time. If you would like to be notified of major additions when they occur, please send me your request.

Restrictions on copying my images

You many do anything you like with these images. The only exception: no commercial use.

What's not here that you might have expected to be here

There are (and there always will be) large gaps in this collection of images. The photographs were taken primarily for use in my teaching in order to supplement commercial slides or slides I had made from illustratons in books. Since I do not hold the copyright to such slides I cannot reproduce them here.

What's here that you might not have expected to be here

There will also be non-ancient subjects that I have found useful in my teaching, e.g., a photograph of a medieval cathedral for comparison with Roman architecture or one of a modern Sicilian meat-seller's shop for students whose only experience with meat for sale is in packages in a supermarket cooler.

Black and white images

I recently began adding black and white images to Maecenas. Black-and-white photography was my first love. Growing up in the late 40's, I preferred the noir and noirish films of Warner Bros. to the garish Technicolor productions of MGM. In my years of darkroom work, I was never tempted to turn from monochrome to color processing. I only went whoring after color when I started using images in my classes and I feared students would find black-and-white still photography as dull as they did black-and-white TV. So I began carrying two cameras to Europe, one loaded with Plus-X or Tri-X for me and one loaded with Kodachrome or Ektachrome for class use.

Unlike separately mounted color slides, which can easily be sorted by subject matter before scanning, black-and-white images on film strips cannot. Therefore, I must upload black and white piecemeal at this time. Only later can they be integrated with the color images. That's why this section is work in progress in a way that the rest of Maecenas is not.

What you can do for me
If you find this Web site useful, you can send me a picture postcard of your town or school. My mailing address is Leo C. Curran, 29 Henning Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127. Thanks.

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