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Hugh W. Jarvis <hjarvis @>
(University at Buffalo: Anthropology)
Managin Editor
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Jack David Eller <david.eller.anthropology @>
Editor for Visual Anthropology & Ethnographic Film
Editorial Board:
Ray Bucko, S.J. <bucko @>
(Creighton University: Sociology and Anthropology)
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Ann P. McElroy <mcelroy @>
(University at Buffalo: Anthropology)
Aaron Ogletree <ogletreeaaron @>
Donald K Pollock <dpollock @>
(University at Buffalo: Anthropology)
Victoria M. Razak <vrazak @>
(University at Buffalo: Urban and Regional Planning)
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Robert Sanford <rsanford @>
(University of Southern Maine: Environmental Science & Policy Program)
Irwin Scollar <al001 @ campfire.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE>
(Unkelbach Valley Software Works, Remagen, Germany)
Ezra B. Zubrow <zubrow @>
(University at Buffalo: Anthropology)

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