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* American Journal of Physical Anthropology (share reviews)

Publishing Initiatives

* Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science (ARD is a signatory)

Other Online Review Projects:

* Annual Reviews in Anthropology (free - table of contents & abstracts; paid - full text)

* Archaeology on Film (free - full text)

* California Newsreel (free - full text)

* Danny Yee's Reviews (free - full text)

* H-Net Reviews (free - full text)

* Internet Archaeology (free - full text)

* Journal of World Anthropology (free - full text; no longer in publication)

* yo soy hechiceros (free - full text)

Individual Publishers:

* publishers
by name: or by medium:

Publisher Clearinghouses:

* DocuSeek (database of four leading independent documentary film distributors)

Useful Anthropological Information on the Web:

* WWW V-Library Archaeology Site
(ArchNet, U Conn, USA)

* WWW V-Library Anthropology Site
(Anthro TECH, L.L.C., USA)

* WWW V-Library Museums Site
(International Council on Museums)

* Directory of Journals, Newsletters and Listserv Archives
(Vanderbilt's ACQWeb)

* The Center for Anthropology and Journalism
(Merry Bruns)

* American Anthropology Obituary Index
(David Price)

Reciprocal Links (Sites Who Link To Us):

* Documentary Educational Resources

* International Center for Scientific Research (CIRS)

* Leakey Foundation

* Routledge's Anthropology Arena (Routledge)

* Starting Point

* UniGuide Academic Guide to the Internet

Book Seller & Finder Services

* (used & out of print books from many dealers)

* (bookstore overstock & clearance)

* (price comparison)

* (textbook store, rents/sells new & used books)

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