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Instructions for Reviewers

General Instructions

  • Please complete your review within TWO MONTHS. If you cannot meet this deadline, let us know as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements.

  • Please stay in contact with the Review Editor who commissioned your review. They are the person to notify of any delays, and to whom you should send the completed review. To verify their address, consult our staff page, And please remember that we conduct 90% of our project online, so if your email address changes, let us know!

  • Please notify us when the item for review arrives and contact us if it has not arrived within a month. Special shipping arrangements may need to be made for some items.

  • If you have not already submitted a short personal biography for our reviewer database, please do at This information will be available to those who read your review, and will also facilitate our selection process for future review items.

  • Format your review in recent version of Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format (RTF), or ASCII/text. (MAC users, include a standard filename filextension.) Resist special formating (fancy 66 99 quotations marks, m-dashes (—), solipses (...) as these will only need to be removed and recoded in HTML later.

  • Proofread your work carefully! Please check for spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as citation errors.

  • Email your review to your Review Editor for approval. (This is the preferred medium for all communications.) If any changes are needed, the review editor will let you know, often using Microsoft Word's track changes feature. Then, once it is accepted, the review will be added to our database and made available through our Web site.

  • If you need a postal address (e.g. to return an item you cannot review), please use:
    Hugh Jarvis, Editor
    c/o Department of Anthropology
    380 MFAC, University at Buffalo
    Buffalo, New York, USA 14261-0026

  • Creative Commons License Logo Your review is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License. That means you are free to share or remix your work, provided you provide proper attribution for its publication in the Anthropology Review Database. No commercial use is allowed. For full details, including a legal definition of these conditions, please consult the Creative Commons website.

Style Guide

  • General content and style should be suitable for serious students and scholars (i.e. adequate for publication in American Anthropologist, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, American Antiquity, or Archaeometry).

  • A good review will describe the work in its broad context, explaining its content and significance to scholars. Consider the work's stated purpose and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, please consider that many of our users will also be interested in these items for their educational potential. Typically we expect a minimum of 400 words.

  • Reviewers are responsible for a fair and balanced consideration of the work; please be constructive and courteous to the original author/producer. Reviews may be subject to editing or sent to the author for their response. In either case, the materials and comments will be returned to you by email to give you an opportunity to respond and/or refine your review.

  • Frequently readers of reviews have a few key questions in mind, especially with textbooks:
    • What do the various chapters/articles cover?
    • What supplementary materials are included (index, recommended readings, film guide, glossary, student exercises)?
    • To what level is the book geared (undergrads, graduate students, professionals)?
    • Are there illustrations (tables, graphs, maps, photos, etc.)? Are they useful?
    • With a new edition, is it significantly improved..? Does it cover new material?

  • Where possible, list one or more pertinent reviews of the work. This provides a broader, more diverse field of reference for the work under review -- an important goal of ARD.

  • The Review Editors oversee the review process and may require the reviewer to rewrite some or all of a draft submission. In addition, the Editors retain the right to make minor corrections (e.g. grammar or punctuation) or even to reject a review deemed unacceptable.

  • At the top of the review, please provide:

    • your name, email address, and institutional affiliation/location, all as you wish them listed with the review (please use the same version of your name as in your personal biography -- if you have not yet created one, please see our biography form)
    • full bibliographic information for the item reviewed
    • up to fifty word brief overview ("abstract") of the review

  • Since we are not limited by binding or shipping costs, length is at your discretion but please be concise.

  • Please use English and place any non-English words or unusual jargon in italics.

  • Keep your writing style simple. Please use one font throughout (e.g. Times 12 point), and only bold, italics, and sub/superscript. (If you use text/ASCII format, you may indicate these stylistic features using squiggly-bracketed comments in the text; e.g. mana {italics}. In this case, please make sure that we know to look for these notations so that they are correctly converted when the review is published.)

  • Block quotations may be used for more than fifty words. Separate the quotation from the rest of the review in its own paragraph.

  • Single-space the text, but add an extra line between paragraphs.

  • Use left ("normal") justification.

  • Do not add extra spaces, tabs, indent, or section breaks.

  • Do not hyphenate words at the ends of lines.

  • Do not use page numbers.

  • If necessary, use endnotes to refer to related works or to refer to issues peripheral to the main discussion. In the review, mark the endnote with square brackets, such as "developments in theory [2]". Place the endnotes after the body of the review in a section titled Notes.

  • Significant related works may be cited in the body of the text as "(Smith 1990:21)" or "according to Smith's research (1990:21) ...", and then listed after any Notes in a References section.

  • Citations to the actual work reviewed can be made using parentheses, in the following style: (p.1), (pp.11-3), (pp.230-42), (pp.125,132).

  • Any Web site addresses (URL's) will be hyperlinked.

  • For all other questions of style, please follow the specific guidelines of the (Chicago manual of Style).

  • If you have any questions, contact your Review Editor! (See our staff list for details.)

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