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ARD may be searched in two ways. Browse restricts the user to a list of reviews written by ARD authors, or to recent reviews (within the last 90 days). In contrast, the search provides access to the entire database, both ARD reviews and citations to reviews published elsewhere, and allows a wide variety of search parameters. Additionally, a companion database is available with information on publishers. These functions and their parameters are described below.

General Advice:

  • All searches are Boolean AND. That means that only entries which match all the information you supply in your search will be successfully retrieved. Thus, the best strategy is to supply only what information is absolutely needed for your search; e.g. a few title keywords, an author's last name, and perhaps a date or date range (see below). You can always narrow the search down later if you get too many hits.

  • Searches are case insensitive and word order is not important.

  • Also, searches will match partial words to full words. E.g. "the smit" will match "the Village Smith", "smite the", and "the Smithsonian". So entering a complete title or a full name is really not necessary.

  • The entries of the database are in English. No accents are used.
  • To get a complete listing of all reviews in the entire database, simply search without specifying any keywords...


The browse function allows you to look at just reviews written by ARD authors or reviews written within the past 90 days, not the entire database. The output is displayed in alphabetical order by title.


This function allows you to search the entire database, including both the reviews written by ARD authors, and citations for reviews published by other publications. Reviews will be linked to online full-text documents where possible.

  • Title Word(s): List one or more words that you are sure occur in an item's title. Secondary titles may not necessarily be coded into the database. Order and case are not important.
  • Author Name(s): List one or more names of the author(s) of the item you feel may be reviewed in ARD. The prinicpal author's last name will definately be listed, but their given names and the names of secondary authors will only be in the database as used by the publisher of the item.
  • Year of Publication: This refers to the year the item reviewed was published, and NOT when the review itself was completed. Basically you search the database by specifying a range of years. using the "from: __ to: __" structure. "from:" establishes a beginning date estimate. Used on its own it queries all entries from that year to the most recent item in the database (inclusively). "to:" establishes an end date estimate. Used on its own it queries all entries in the database from that year back to the earliest entry in the database (inclusively). Used together, they set out a range of dates as a query (inclusively); e.g. from 1994 to 1997 (all review items published from January 1st, 1994 to December 31st, 1997).
  • Reviewer's Name: List the name of the person who may written the review you seek. Using the lastname is safest, as given names or nicknames will be listed as used by the reviewer.
  • Medium: ARD classifies each item reviewed into one of a series of categories which are outlined below:
    Written Literature: any written literature (e.g book, report (incl. CRM reports), series, leaflet)
    Film/Video: any visual recording on film or videotape
    Audio Recording: CD, record, or audiocassette recording
    Multimedia/Software: CD-ROM product or computer program
    Web Resource: online resource (e.g. Web site, e-journal, ARD)
    Conference: a report on a conference
    Exhibit: a report on an exhibit
    Other: anything else! (we will expand this category as needed)
  • Subject Word(s): Subject keyword phrases are coded into the database when known, based on what is supplied by the book publishers or from the US Library of Congress catalog. Not every item in the database is necessarily coded with subject information (although we are trying), so use subject searches gingerly. (Feel free to view all the subject keyword phrases in use in the database at any time.)


ARD maintains an extensive directory of contact information on publishers of anthropological media. Using this tool, you may search by company name. For example, enter "university" and you will get a listing of all university presses. (Publisher information is also automatically linked from each review.)

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