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We aim to produce a high quality, user-friendly resource that will aid scholars in keeping abreast of, and evaluating the quality of, the rapidly expanding base of literature and multimedia in anthropology and her sister fields.

A Revolution in Publishing

The Anthropology Review Database is intended to improve the level of access of anthropologists to anthropological literature by making them more aware of what is being published and helping them to evaluate its relevance to their own interests. Unlike the more traditional print journals, ARD is not constrained by production deadlines and has few running costs. We can keep abreast of the production of new materials, and do so in a much more timely fashion than the traditional media. Envision an almost continous flow of information from publisher to reader, by way of this database.

Our style may be a little new to some. ARD has no volumes, issues, or page numbers, just the name and date of the review, and the site's URL to reference them. We will also occasionally have multiple reviews of more controversial items as well as links to, or even full-text copies of reviews published elsewhere.

The Anthropology Review Database, ARD for short, is a brand new resource for anthropology and a member of a rare new species of online publication. We allow each author to retain full copyright to their review, while merely retaining the right to publish a copy in ARD (see Nature's similar approach). Further, unlike traditional periodicals, we have moved beyond the bound, serial format. ARD reviews are published individually, as soon as they clear the editorial process. Documents are housed in an online database where they can be accessed at any time. There are no delays for printing, binding, or delivery.

If you would like to read more about this evolutionary trend, consult the following:

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The Chronicle has now finally gotten wind of this trend.

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Database Content

Currently the database contains the signed reviews we publish ourselves, citations to those published in American Antiquity and the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, as well as links to a number of online publications and sites. We will gradually add citations to other flagship anthropological print periodicals as time permits. See the list of publications indexed by ARD.

As of 6/24/2017, the Anthropology Review Database contains:
6232 completed reviews *
* our reviews & additional citations
2237 reviews by ARD authors 406 reviewable items

Project History

ARD grew out of the review publishing arm of one of anthropology's first Internet journals, the Journal of World Anthropology (JWA), which evolved in pre-Web days (using e-mail and gopher technology).

Our first items for review were sent out in June of 1997, while our online search engine debuted September 1st. ARD is an ever-growing, free, and fully searchable database of reviews covering the entire gamut of anthropological publications, including books, audiovisual materials, software & multimedia, exhibits, tourist sites, conferences, and on-line resources.

Beginning in September of 1999, citations for reviews published in American Antiquity from 1990 to 1999 were added to the database, increasing our inventory four-fold.

February, 2001, we entered into an arrangement with the American Journal of Physical Anthropology to include their review citations. This year also saw the adoption of the review publishing arm of a local, graduate student publication called Discourse.

In March, 2004, ARD signed on to the Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science, an initiative with a "commitment to providing free access and wide dissemination of published research findings".

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following questions anticipate your areas of curiousity about our project. If you have further questions, comments, or suggestions, please complete our comment form.

Q. What is an ard..?
    A. We did the research for you. Read all about ard etymology

Q. What is ARD's mission..?
    A. Check out our mission statement.

Q. Who are our editorial board and "staff"..?
    A. Everyone is listed on our staff page.

Q. What other journals & review sources do we index..?
    A. See the complete list in our User's Guide.

Q. Does ARD have any sponsors or funding..?
    A. Read all about our current finances.

Q. What sort of people write reviews for ARD..?
    A. Easy. See our list of ARD reviewer biographies.

Q. I am an ARD reviewer. How can I add my biographic profile..?
    A. Simply fill out our bio form.

Q. How many people visit the site..?
    A. The usage statistics tell the tale.

Q. Has ARD won any awards?
    A. Yes, thank you. Details are on our awards page.

Q. What about copyright and legal concerns..?
    A. Please read our legal disclaimer.

Q. How can I become a reviewer..?
    A. We are always looking for reviewers. See our "help wanted" page.

Q. I have editorial skills to offer. Do you need more help..?
    A. We may be able to use your skills. See our "help wanted" page.

Q. How can I keep track of ARD's progress..?
    A. We would love to keep you informed. Drop by our dissemination page.

Q. Do any sites link to your project..?
    A. Sure they do! Our links page has them and other handy sites.


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