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(cover picture) Bennett, Tony; Fiona Cameron; Nélia Dias; Ben Dibley; Rodney Harrison; Ira Jacknis; Conal McCarthy (eds.)
2017   Collecting, Ordering, Governing: Anthropology, Museums, and Liberal Government. Durham, North Carolina. Duke University Press.
Subject: Curatorial logics and colonial rule : the political rationalities of anthropology in two Australian-administered territories -- A liberal archive of everyday life : mass-observation as oligopticon -- Boas and after : museum anthropology and the governance of difference in America -- Producing "The Māori as he was" : New Zealand museums, anthropological governance, and indigenous agency -- Ethnology, governance, and greater France.

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(cover picture) Weston, Kath
2017   Animate Planet: Making Visceral Sense of Living in a High-Tech Ecologically Damaged World. Durham, North Carolina. Duke University Press.
Subject: Human ecology; Human geography; Climatic changes -- Effect of human beings on

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(cover picture) Mary F. Ownby, Isabelle C, Druc & Maria A. Masucci (eds.)
2017   Integrative Approaches in Ceramic Petrography. Salt Lake City, Utah: The University of Utah Press.
Subject: This volume grew out of a symposium entitled "Petrography's Continued Role in Ceramic Studies: New Advances and Debates," held at the 2012 Society for American Archaeology meeting.

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(cover picture) Jones, Eric & John Creese (eds.)
2017   Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology: Investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian Space and Place. Boulder, Colorado: University Press of Colorado.
Subject: Introduction : Settlement, space, and Northern Iroquoian societies -- Dwelling, daily life, and power at Parker Farm -- Growing pains : explaining long-term trends in Iroquoian village scale, density, and layout -- Iroquoian settlements in central New York State in the sixteenth century : a case study of intra- and inter-site diversity -- Multi-scalar perspectives on Iroquoian ceramics : aggregation and interaction in pre-contact Ontario -- Refining our understanding of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Haudenosaunee settlement location choices -- Cross-border interaction in Iroquoian bioarchaeological investigations -- Revisiting Onondaga Iroquois prehistory through social network analysis -- The study of Northern Iroquoia : before and after the international boundary

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(cover picture) Samson, Colin & Carlos Gigoux
2017   Indigenous Peoples and Colonialism: Global Perspectives. Malden, Massachusetts: Polity.
Subject: Indigenous peoples - Colonization; Indigenous peoples - Government relations; Indigenous peoples - Ethnic identity; Self-determination, National

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